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Listing folders and checking contents.

This has probably been done before but I am a typical programmer and too lazy to look something up when i can ask it in half the time.

Is there a way to list the folders instead of articles?
  ie. {$for each folder in (folder "folder name")$}

Is there an if statement?
I want to check if there are any articles in a folder? If there are I want to display the folder name and the articles under it. If the folder is empty I don't want anything to be displayed.

David Wartian
Tuesday, March 5, 2002

This ought to make it's way into some FAQ somewhere.

There currently is no way to check for "everything in a folder and it's subfolders."

There is also currently no way to do an If statement.

Mark W
Tuesday, March 5, 2002

However, I get the impression such a thing is on the table for a future release. :)

I agree, we need an FAQ.  Kinda surprised there isn't once since this is the kind of thing CityDesk makes so easy to do.  I'm also surprised the KB isn't updated with a lot of the known issues reported (and replied too) here.... again, just hit the Add Article button, tap away and publish.  I know they are busy programming... but.... CityDesk makes it so easy I can't think of a valid excuse.  <nudge>

David Whatley
Thursday, March 7, 2002

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