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A few things I wish were different

At this point I've pretty much completed a site using CityDesk and it went extremely well.  I am very pleased and I know that I saved weeks worth of time using CD over DreamWeaver alone.  And I know that when I hand off the site to the end user he'll be able to maintain it quite easily without a strong knowledge of HTML.

A couple of things that would have made it even easier:

1 - I ended up with 9 different templates for my site.  Each one is only slightly different than the other.  I think I could have trimmed my tempates down to 2 (index and article) if only I had an if-statement in CityScript.  Any chance of getting that in CD 2.0?  In fact, CityScript is quite weak as scripting languages go.  Will this get addressed?  Perhaps it makes sense to allow other scripting languages to be used via MS ActiveScript.

2 - I made extensive use of variables as I built the site but I defintely felt like I was fighting CD the whole time.  Even now while maintaining the site I constantly curse at the way the variables UI works.  Is there a good reason for making it modal?  Cutting and pasting is a pain when you have to shut down the dialog to go check something and then bring it back up again.  Also, the fact that the dialogs do not 'remember' their size and location means that every single time I open a variable I have move the dialog to the top left of the screen and resize it to give myself some editing room.  Also, because it is a dialog (as opposed to editing window) I am constantly hitting enter to get a new line and instead closing the dialog (and of course having to reopen, move and resize, etc).

As I said above, CD saved me a great deal of time so I love it.  I just see a few things that would make it even better and me more productive with it.


Ben Riga
Saturday, March 2, 2002

I should have mentioned the site I worked on was a site for a friend of mine who wanted a place to post some humor articles he's written.  If you're interested in Geek Humor/ Satire have a look at

Let me know if you have comments or suggestions either on here if they are CD related or by e-mail.


Ben Riga
Saturday, March 2, 2002

Those are really good suggestions.

1. Scheduled for future release (activescript). 
2. May make it into SP1.

Thanks for your comments!

Michael H. Pryor
Saturday, March 2, 2002

I would like to add to Ben's nr 2 point, the variables UI, that I find the lack of being able to order variables frustrating.
Once you have a number of them, it would be much easier to locate one if you could simply order them somehow.

Paul Iliano
Sunday, March 3, 2002

I just wanted to add my support to a revamp of the variables window to make it nonmodal.  Dealing with this modal dialog was the biggest area of frustration I felt while working on the "Combee on Palm OS" site template.  Having it be its own editor view, similar to the article editor would be ideal, perhaps using a layout with the list of variables on the left and an edit area on the right that's always active, showing the currently highlighted variable.

Ben Combee
Saturday, March 6, 2004

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