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Magazine Publisher creating Cover-CD's with CD

Glad to announce that a major german computer magazine publisher has decided to create their cover-CD content presentation (demos, shareware...) using CityDesk and a special template. Just to spread some application ideas :-)


Patrick Thomas

Patrick Thomas
Thursday, November 25, 2004


Considering that much of your business seems to revolve around CityDesk, do you ever feel as if you are on a sinking boat?

Just Curious
Wednesday, December 1, 2004

> Considering that much of your business seems to
> revolve around CityDesk, do you ever feel as if you
> are on a sinking boat?

No. As to the reasons:

1. Most of our CityDesk-related business is project-oriented, customized solutions and for that, CD is just fine as is. Where it lacks, we extend it (PHP, XML interfacing, custom add-on software). Some we make available if we believe it to be interesting to a bigger audience (yes, there could be more "free stuff" :-)...we need to find the time...especially for documentation...because we sincerely resent lots-of-functionality-free-software which takes days to get up-and-running by trial and error.

2. We definitely believe Joel is intending to develop and market CD3...especially after being "burnt" on extending the CD2 code base for multi-language support and other things - which seems to have put a frustrating, temporary full-stop on CD development energy. Just guessing here. Another reason: If they would give up CD, how would that impact FogBugz...their current money-maker ? Perception is sometimes more important than realities.

3. Where CD doesn't fit (for some website stuff), we simply don't use it. Simple rules: (1) when we really need more fields than CD provides, (2) when editing absolutely has to be anywhere, anytime = browser-based (seldom enough but perception again...) and (3) when the database size might become too big. Fog Creek might actually surprise us on all three fronts...

While I sympathize with lots of comments of CD not doing this and that, I honestly believe that

a) CD does what it does extremely well
b) CD can be extended in many ways not yet explored

Yes, Joel should blog about CD development. Fog Creek should actually start marketing CD. And it should support anybody willing to "experiment" with it's inner workings by providing deep technical documentation, API's...etc.

But there is lots of exciting stuff we can do without Fog Creek (random thoughts below):

How about many more PHP modules and Javascript snippets ? Calendars, Slideshows, Forums, dynamic and interactive stuff in general ?

How about a MS Word add-on to automatically paste/insert text paragraphs directly into specific article fields within a cty database file (removing formatting problems along the way for free) ? Heck, including pictures embedded in the Word document while we are at it...

How about a CTY-to-PHP/MySQL converter (and installer) to use CD for RAD site development and by this way creating a browser-based site on the fly ?

How about a CD-to-PDF publishing add-on to create printable documents out of structured CD content ?

How about a really nice template to easily create Powerpoint-style, auto-playing web slideshows ?

How about an OLDSITE-to-CTY import application which lets one specify a website's FTP server and get a fully-stuffed CTY file with linked articles, pictures and other media as a result (we did start something like that with CD1, some will remember) ?

How about a CD hack to make table-editing appear in the article window (don't know if thats possible :-) ?

How about a backend XML database and site server which uses CD as a front-end to create new content and stuff it with new XML/binary data ? And which manages/distributes CD templates and other keep-it-uniform data ? And actually manages users and CD remote installations ? CD simply becomes a very good front-end system. We already do the last part and it is really hilarious to see CD serve a well-known million-dollar enterprise CMS which, from and end-user perspective, is close to unusable.

How about many more website templates ? We get a lot of inquiries of the sort "I really like your VANTAA Wizard but do you have a slightly different version which behaves like this...". Maybe we overdo the documentation part for our CityDesk Wizards...thats really slowing down the frequency of putting out new templates (or template variations in the future).

Ok, I am putting the brakes here (you can tell it is evening time in Munich :-)


Patrick Thomas
Wednesday, December 1, 2004

I use CD and I just purchased FogBugz. They both work great for me.

I especially like CD after purchasing VANTAA from Patrick. It really makes Web site creation easy. My Web site creation is mostly non-graphic based cause I'm a lousy graphic artist.

But to be able to set up my template the way I want and then just be able to add content on a regular basis is wonderfully easy and fast with these two products.

With VANTAA I've created and a new version of

not announced yet.

I love both these products.


john cesta
Friday, December 3, 2004

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