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error messages on opening .cty file

I get these messages when trying to open a citydesk site sent to me by someone (actually, 2 different people have tried sending it). I am using winxp pro sp2

1) This site is from an earlier version of CityDesk. Do you want to convert it? yes | no

if yes:

2) Fog Creek CityDesk could not open this site. The selected site has an invalid version ID. Please either open or create a new site. OK.

if no to #1:

The file D:\blah, blah path\ could not be opened. It may be corrupt or it may not be a valid CityDesk file.

My employer gave me this software to learn and to work on this site, so anyone? I think it is just the home version (not the free version, but not the professional one either)

Thanks for any leads--


Sunday, November 14, 2004

What version are you using (Help | About).  What version are they using?

Are they using a later version of CityDesk than you are?

David Burch
Sunday, November 14, 2004

Are you trying to open the file from a compact disc? That's never worked for me. Instead, I always copy from disc to hard drive, and then open the file. Also, make sure the file is not read/write protected after you copy it over.

George Illes
Monday, November 15, 2004

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