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CityDesk international versions

I remember that Fogcreek wrote somewhere that CD version 3 would have a new code base making it easier to localize the application. Also I think I read somewhere that a german version of CD 2 would probably out before CD 3 (not sure if I dreamed that or read it). Probably a message from Telepark? If there is an upcoming german version, how is it realised?

Ruud van Soest
Saturday, October 23, 2004

In December of 2003, Joel said "we have a beta cycle for German CityDesk in our future," on  That's the last I've heard of it.  But, hey, Joel's working on editing a new book...

David Burch
Saturday, October 23, 2004

FogBugz: "If all goes well we'll be pushing out the first beta in a couple of weeks." in JOS.

So, CD3 including local language versions is a 2005 thing, I guess. It seems to me highly unlikely that they will put out a local language CD2. Pity they are probably stuck between FogBugz and CD3 (a new code base?) and don't have time for an incremental update of CD2 / VB6 edition...

Patrick Thomas

PS: Yep, we happily announce things :-) New CityDesk + Wizards site will be online "soon" and will feature some ready-made PHP modules for integration into CityDesk. Now we better hurry...

Patrick Thomas
Tuesday, October 26, 2004

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