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online and offline external databases

CityDesk News of 30 september has an interesting article about integrating dynamic data from serverside databases using ASP, and PHP. Does it mean that in principle CityDesk can work with data from any database? MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle etcetera?

Could the approach - using the dbHTML code inside CityDesk that triggers data from offline databases at compile time (or how do you call that with CityDesk) - give the same functionality as the dbHTML utility? Or maybe it is possible to call the dbHTML utility from within an article (if dbHTML it is an application). I guess a forced publish for these pages would be necessary for refreshing the data, so perhaps there should some sort of article property that forces CityDesk to publish it.

Ruud van Soest
Sunday, October 3, 2004

I keep trying to force updates, including deleting the xml file from my website. That works most of the time.

Lou Franco's HTML DbScript utility is excellent. The problem is not with the utility. The problem is CityDesk really isn't made to handle it. HTML DbScript pushes CD beyond its limit.

Publishing and templates aren't integrated. That's been a big problem for me (and for you!).

Using a database back end for my site without setting up a web server is a big plus for me.  I don't mind sending static html files to my site, although in CD the pages are certainly NOT static html files.

CD + PHP + MySQL = kick ass!

I can only imagine the cty files we'd all come up with for blogs, images, etc.

Ok, back to reality!

Bob Bloom
Sunday, October 3, 2004

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