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Joel is going to kill me

This is really embarrassing, especially considering this is Joel's pet topic...

I'm having some issues with Unicode. Part of my website includes a list of people, some of whom have accented characters in their names. To keep the differences between CD and the published page as small as possible, I put each name into the HTML as Unicode. (I later learnt that this isn't smart.)

Here's the thing: it renders okay in CD, but both Firefox and IE display it as garbage, until you FTP to the published file and replace the offending characters with references. Using references in CD just replaces each reference with the real character.

So either I've screwed up and somehow I'm not publishing UTF-8 pages (something I've been scrupulously careful to ensure) or I need to get CityDesk to keep the references. A cursory examination of how other sites suggests the latter is what I need. Either that or a clue.

Matt Cramp
Monday, September 6, 2004

Nevermind. As soon as I posted, I found the Knowledge Base. I'll bugger off now.

Matt Cramp
Monday, September 6, 2004

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