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I seem to remember there was a trick whereby you could pubish articles to MS Word and end up with a bunch of Word files. I've tried searching the discussion board (lousy search function) but can't find anything.

Or is it just another delusion?

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Try using the google search interface on the knowledgebase page; it is much better:

On the other hand I still did not find the article I was looking for (maybe google doesn't idex before items scroll off the page?)

I found this on Terry's Tips site.  Look at Joel's post.

David Burch
Thursday, August 19, 2004

I was astonished when I first tried this, but it's true. Word publishing as outlined in Joel's post mentioned above works just fine, at least in Word 2000. You create a Word document, use "Save As Web Page" and substitute in the CityDesk tags. Then bring that document back in as a template with a .doc extension, and publish.

Some other points:

* If the articles you want to publish as Word documents already exist as Web pages, you can use article includes to turn them into Word documents.

*If you don't want to publish the documents on the Web site, create a batch file to move them out of the CityDesk temp directory to another location before publishing.

* If you like, you can even create a new template family and publish all your pages as Word documents.

* You can use Acrobat, CutePDF Writer (free at ) and many other programs to create PDFs from your Word documents.

David Walker
Thursday, August 19, 2004

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