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Since we're on a feature request roll...

1) Preview functionality should only process pages that have been changed, avoiding a lengthy "compile" time. Lately I've been editing the CSS and HTML files inside the preview folder instead of inside citydesk because the preview just takes way too long, and I have a very small site. (Of course, if you change the templates then everything has to be reprocessed.)

2) 2 languages and 2 template familes right now equals 4 preview folders!


I'm not sure how to handle this, but maybe the preview and publish functionalities should equal each other better.

That's it for now. Thanks guys for publishing software that we like enough to give feedback! :)

Monday, July 26, 2004


You can preview per page without recompïling the whole site. From the editor window, just click the preview button or choose 'save and preview' from the file menu. Then CD will only compile this page and show.

You can also publish per page from the editor window: choose file->save and publish.

It is not exactly the same as the incremental previewing you ask for, but it comes near it.

(To FogCreek: sorry guys that I didn't give you a chance to answer this question first, as some of the forum visitors would like you to ;-) )

Ruud van Soest
Monday, July 26, 2004

Ruud, I think if you edit a CSS file and then preview a single article, the new CSS file is not used.

To work around this, you can set up an additional publish location on your own PC (something like C:\www). Then leave a browser window open on a test page in that directory. Then you can edit the CSS file, publish just that one file, and hit Reload to see the effect of the changes.

Here's a tip that might help too:

Darren Collins
Monday, July 26, 2004

Ja, you're right Darren. Also, previewing per page doesn't recalculate links, so you can't check them this way. So ppp has restrictions, but for many cases it works fine, I use it a lot.

Btw, nice site, the pool-room!

Ruud van Soest
Tuesday, July 27, 2004

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