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CityDesk accelerates Interwoven 10:1

Happy to announce that after several months of daily productive use at one of Europe's largest enterprises, our CityDesk FrontEnd to the Interwoven Teamsite CMS has sped-up intranet updating by a factor of 10.

The content editors spend considerably less time now using CityDesk and a "glue" application formatting an XML feed for consumption by the Interwoven CMS than using the very clunky Web interface of TeamSite. The cost per editor saved is in the range of 8.000 US$ annually.

Furthermore, training of part-time student staff supporting the intranet editing effort has been significantly smoothened, now taking less time and effort.

This customer is extremely satisfied with using CityDesk 2 and has currently two more departments using CD to update  infoscreen content displayed in several locations as well as intranet document repositories for their trade press officers worldwide.

Patrick Thomas

Patrick Thomas
Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Great stuff, Patrick. You guys are doing excellent work in exploring the possibilities of CityDesk!

Darren Collins
Wednesday, July 21, 2004

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