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Feat.Req.: translation functionality enhancement

Hi all (esp. FogCreek),

I am currently importing my website into CityDesk, latest count +2700 pages (and growing), devided over six languages (English, Dutch, French, German, Italian and Finnish).

The problems I have are:
1. There seems no (easy?) way to have Citydesk deal with six languages (may be more in the future) at once.

2. Even if Citydesk could adequately deal with a truly multilingual site, there is another hurdle to take, as these different languages on my site do not simply mirror each other.
-There is no single article, study or book that has been translated into all six languages.
-Some material has been published only in language 1 (while sharing some of the other material), some only in any of the other languages, while sharing a varying amount of publications that actually has been translated.

The number of articles that is translated however, is significant and would certainly warrant (and could benefit from) the approach Citydesk offers. It does need enhancement though before useable though.

Is it clear what I'm trying to say?

Thursday, June 10, 2004

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