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Template Problem, please help:

I have a folder 'f1'.
It contains one article 'a1f1'.
This article has a template 't1'.

I have another folder 'f2'.
It contains several articles 'a1f2', 'a2f2', 'a3f2'...'anf2'.
There is a template 't2' that is attached to the articles in 'f2'.

In 't1' there is a loop trough folder 'f2' which "prints" the {body} of all the articles in 'f2'.

The problem is when this is processed the 't2' formatting of the articles in 'folder 'f2' is ignored.

I would have thought, that each article in 'f2' would first be merged with its template 't2' and the result would then be brought into the 't1' loop, effectively combining formatting instructions of 't2' and 't1'.

Maurice Fäh
Tuesday, May 25, 2004

No, that is asking too much of CD. You have to include the formatting of *Folder 2 body* in template 1.

Jorgen Brenting - CityDesk user from the start
Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Dear Jorgen

If what I suggest worked (I'd like to call it the "template cascade"), and assuming I had even more templates 't3', 't4' and so on, I could format each article in 'f2' differently with either of the templates. The loop in 't1' could then produce "formatting variations".

The way it's working now I'm limited to exactly one format for all items in a loop.


Maurice Fäh
Tuesday, May 25, 2004

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