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MultiLanguage: Variables and Directories

1. Is it possible to change the name of the language-directories in a shorter way?


after publishing it should looks like:

insteed of:

2. is it possible to define or use any language-variable {ex: "$.language", or better "$.loc_language" and "$.loc_country"} in the link-definitions? Or is it in any other way possible to use multi-language-resources (images, sounds, aso.) without creating multi-templates?

i need for a linkdefinition something like:{$.language}.gif

or better{$.language}/res/img/menu01.gif

additional questions:

1. in the example about the function

{$setDateTimeFormat "*" "short" "hh:mm"$}

you use by yourselfe exactly for this problem a '*' but this works only there, doesn't it?

2. wouldn't it better by writing scripts to use the official short language constant names insteed of the proprietary long one especially if u have to use additional the country-infos too?


{$setDateTimeFormat "en_US" "short" "hh:mm"$}

insteed of

{$setDateTimeFormat "English (American)" "short" "hh:mm"$}

Oliver Schwerttner
Tuesday, May 4, 2004

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