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I have three questions regarding templates.  I'm probably trying to do more with templates than what they are generally used for.  I am still in the evaluation stage of CityDesk, I should point out, and the items below probably aren't make-or-break elements.

First, I really wish there was a way upon creating a new article to specify then which template to use.  This would more easily allow different templates for different areas of the web site.  As it is, you have to go to the template page and specify which template to use for new articles and that is a global setting.  I'd settle for a folder-local setting (i.e. create an article in 'Newsletter' and it'll use the 'newsletter_template' template).  Perhaps I am missing an option.

Second, I really wish there was a way to change which template a given article uses after you have created the article.  It looks to me like you can hand-edit the MS Access database to do this but I cannot find a way inside of CityDesk directly.

Third, I like that there are two additional 'extra' variables in a template's properties but I would quite like more.  A many-to-many relationship, so to speak.  I haven't quite thought through how this would be presented in the user interface but it would really be quite useful to me.

Is there any list of planned features for CityDesk 3?  I know (or at least, believe) FogCreek initially hoped to release it in 2003 so perhaps we may see it in the first half of this year.  Or perhaps not.

Chris Thompson
Monday, April 19, 2004

You can change which template an article  uses by going to the article's property page and changing the setting on the template combobox/dropdown thingy.

John Sisk
Monday, April 19, 2004

Thanks!  I hadn't seen that.  That mitigates my other problems somewhat, though I'd still like more variables in the templates.  Thank you for your help.

Chris Thompson
Monday, April 19, 2004

Being able to select a template when you create an article, maybe just a dialog titled "What type of article do you want to create?" would be most helpful.  It could be skipped if you only have one template.

I've designed CityDesk sites for people who don't think to go into the properties tab to change the default template so when they preview, they end up having to go back in to change it.  When possible, I try to keep an entire site to a single template which is more dynamic than use multiple templates which would be a lot simpler.

Regarding more Extra fields, you can always change the label on the other fields assuming you don't have a specific need for them.  Personally, I've never used all the fields that are available.

Wade Winningham
Tuesday, April 20, 2004

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