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Suggestion: Eliminate preview

Well, almost.

You need the preview button the first time you want to preview your work during a session, obviously. But after that, CityDesk obviously knows when files get changed (since it must update them in the database). Why not just mirror them out to the preview directory, as well?

Particularly when I am tweaking stylesheets, I tend to iterate a lot. Outside of CityDesk, this is pretty efficient: Change one property of one style, save, switch to browser, reload page. This is painful with CityDesk: Change property, save, switch to CityDesk, dismiss the damn non-self-closing preview dialog, preview AGAIN, tell it to view the preview in my preferred non-default browser, have it spawn yet ANOTHER instance of that browser, browse from the front page (which is where my preview pops up regardless of what article is selected) to my article. You see my point.

Tim Keating
Friday, April 2, 2004

The issue goes away IF you have a local server where you can publish your work and manipulate the CSS to your hearts content then when satisfied copy the contents of the CSS into your CD file and publish to your destination.

The above is only valid if you have the resources and knowledge. Outside of that the other solution is to have CD have the ability to publish the CSS in isolation which would simplify the whole process -- and I for one do not understand why CD does not have that capability in view of the fact that "other" single articles have the ability to "save and publish" etc.

David Mozer
Friday, April 2, 2004

I found this on Darren Collins web site I'm not sure if it helps with this issue.

"My solution was to create a dummy article that contains examples of all sorts of HTML tags - normal text, headings, code samples, blockquotes, my colour variables, and other important variables.

I named this article 'test', so that it publishes as 'test.html', and then set my FTP preferences to display '' as the preview page.

So after each change, I just hit Publish and then click on Preview. Most types of design change are visible at a glance."
See it at

Corey Johnson
Friday, April 2, 2004

I just wanted to post a suggestion for this.

Setting up your own webserver (If you want to go this route for preview) does not have to be difficult. Actually, there is a webserver that is just perfect for this particular task, and it's easy as anything to install, and pretty secure.

The server is called Abyss, it's 100% free (They do ask you submit a bit of info to get a 'registration code') and it's very tiny, and light on the memory usage. You can find it here:

Brian M Bommarito
Wednesday, April 7, 2004

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