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Part processing

I read in an earlier post that you can publish and post a single page, which I was unaware of.
However the most likely scenario for me and for many others I guess, is that I want to publish about five pages every day, but not have to process every one of the files individually every time.
Is there a way to just process the changed and affected files. If not, how about that for a next version?

Richard Wood
Sunday, March 28, 2004

CityDesk will already refrain from reuploading any files that didn't change, using the CityDesk.xml file to record the checksums of published files.  I don't know of a way to keep it from publishing everything, but you don't have to wait for everything to upload.

Ben Combee
Sunday, March 28, 2004

It's easy to miss this, but there is a smaller save and publish button available when you are editing an article.  It saves time when publishing just one page in a large site.

From the help file:

Save and Publish

While you are editing an article, you can publish it to your web server.

  In the article window, choose File » Save and Publish or click the Save and Publish tool  in the toolbar.

CityDesk will save any changes you made, and start to publish the page.

Publishing a single article using Save and Publish is much faster than republishing the entire site, because it doesn't republish any other articles other than this one. If you have another article that depends on this one, for example, an index page, it will not be republished.

To insure that your site is complete, when you choose Save and Publish, CityDesk will also publish any files which this page might require to display properly, such as pictures. It will republish any files (but not articles) which contain CityScript code that might have changed as a result of changing the article.

When everything is done, a button appears which lets you see the page using Microsoft Internet Explorer.

David Burch
Monday, March 29, 2004

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