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Abbreviated articles

Some weblog software adopts a "cut-off" convention where a special tag is used to cut an article into two parts -- the lead-in and the rest-of-the-article.  The main page will show the lead-in and a link to get to the full article.

I've seen this on both LiveJournal and TypePad, and expect its in other software too.

I wonder if there's a good way to do this with CityDesk -- some macro construct where using an article in one context will show the shortened version, while in main article context, it will have the full text.

Looking at CityScript, it looked like you could make text conditional with something like {$ if thisArticle $}, but that's not supported.

An ideal solution, IMO, would let you put {$ cutHereText "text" $} in the middle of an article such that x.body would return the whole article, while x.abbrevBody would return the start of the article with the text from cutHereText linkified into a pointer to

Any ideas?  I don't want to use teasers for this task -- I'm already using them for short desrciptions in my RSS feed, and they don't carry HTML very well.

Ben Combee
Saturday, March 27, 2004

In CityDesk, copy and paste part of the article into the teaser field then pull it using CityScript.

David Burch
Monday, March 29, 2004

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