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Tip: Viewing your CityDesk fields

If you want to view part of your CityDesk file without using CityDesk or Access, you may find useful Jeff Key's free Access Query Analyzer. It allows you to specify a CityDesk file, enter simple SQL queries (which you can save for re-use)and get back the results.

For instance ...

select sName,sValue from tblVariables
order by sName asc

... gives you all your CityDesk variables, and ...

SELECT tblStructure.ixStructure, tblArticle.sHeadline, tblArticle.sTeaser, tblArticle.sSidebar, tblArticle.sAuthor, tblArticle.sAboutTheAuthor, tblArticle.sExtra1, tblArticle.sExtra2, tblArticle.dtModified
FROM tblStructure INNER JOIN (tblArticle INNER JOIN tblArticleSet ON tblArticle.ixSet = tblArticleSet.ixSet) ON tblStructure.ixStructure = tblArticleSet.ixStructure
ORDER BY tblArticle.dtModified DESC;

... gives you key information about your articles, with the most recently-edited articles shown first.

It can be run at the same time as CityDesk. And each field can be resized - so if you have a variable with 20 lines of JavaScript code, you can see them all. For those having problems switching between CityDesk's variable window and other windows, it's very convenient.

It's at

David Walker
Wednesday, February 18, 2004

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