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Electronic Music Site Built with City Desk

I bought City Desk for prototyping web sites, and have found it to be deeper and more flexible than I thought.

We've built a new site devoted to electronic music using City Desk, and have been really impressed with its flexibility. The site is:

We are using City desk to create the articles, and also includes that show the most recently updated articles, reviews, etc. The includes are done server-side. This allows us to add an article and have it show up in the new articles link on every page, without City Desk having to re-publish every page.

The main limitations we've run into have been the inability to use CityScript recursively, and lack of default templates. It would be great if we could have templates evaluate what folder the article is in, and include content based on folders. We've had to use several templates because of City Script limitations, so it would be nice if you could assign a default one to each folder.  Maybe in 3.0!

Monday, February 9, 2004

Jim :re Electronic Music Site Built with CD

IMO a very nice commercial site  .. ! Good work.

David Mozer
Monday, February 9, 2004

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