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permissions to edit, possible to restrict them?

Dear all,

great thing this CityDesk 2.0.19!

I'm new to it and just evaluating, but it has amazing features for the designer and is easy to use by the content providers at the same time. Nice job done, Joel!

A perfect example of the 'keep it simple, keep it working' approach to making software. So I assume I've overlooked something with my problem/question:

Is it possible to manage access rights to modify the site?

I want to restrict editing access to certain articles containing CityScript, so that the unexperienced endusers ain't confronted with it and ain't able to mess with it.

But the main reason is: I MUST restrict access to article contents editing to the person/user group it owns. This is a requirement of my customer (assume any reason for this including persons attempting to mess with contents provided by others). I CAN NOT go with CityDesk, when restricted access is not possible!

Any hints?

What I'm looking for is something like UNIX permissions:

- there are users/authors organized into groups
- every user has at least one group membership, but might be a member of several groups
- there is a user 'root' with unrestricted permissions
- there is a virtual group 'all', every user/author is member of this group
- each article has owner assignments to a user and a group (initially the author and his primary group, but changable)
- each article has write permission settings for
-- owner
-- owners group
-- all others

Thanks for any hints.


xlerb (Georg Rehfeld)
Sunday, February 1, 2004

You can't do this with the current version of CityDesk.

John Topley (
Sunday, February 1, 2004

Dear John, all,

> You can't do this with the current version of CityDesk.

Thanks for your answer (though you shouldn't have provided your WEB address - this took me considerable time to peek at :-)

What about splitting the site into parts? This is a suggestion I've read elsewhere, when it comes to team work with CityDesk and there is no local network for the whole team and no (or a slow) virtual private network.

That way every group would get the central templates to use readymade, but only the branch of the site, they are allowed to modify. Ok, with enaugh knowledge they still could try to overwrite others articles, but at least the original article remains intact (and can be republished) in the *.cty file of the owner group.

Has anybody tried the 'splitting' approach? What problems have I to expect?



xlerb (Georg Rehfeld)
Sunday, February 1, 2004

The most notable drawback to splitting a site into multiple .cty files is that you can't use a magic name to refer to an article in another file.

The second drawback is that it is a pain to put two files together.  Back when Fogcreek offered a package with a limit of 500 files, I split my site into two files. Now that I have the Pro version, with no file limits, I'm finding the task of putting the two files into one rather daunting.

On the up side, at work I use a number of files for our intranet, partly to keep organized, partly to keep the size of files smaller and more manageable.

Wednesday, February 4, 2004

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