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ZoneLabs Privacy Insertion

This isn't a CD-specific question. What exactly is a "ZoneLabs Privacy Insertion"? I use ZoneAlarm Pro, so I'm somewhat familiar with ZA, but not quite sure how to use or apply a "ZoneLabs Privacy Insertion". Does it tell ZA to permit the display of an image, say, when a visitor to a site has ZA running on his/her computer?

George Illes
Tuesday, January 27, 2004

    I just created my first ever web site using CD and it's been working fine. But just an hour or so ago  my "made with City Desk" logo disappeared. I checked the source code on the web page and it showed this at the end:

<!-- ZoneLabs Popup Blocking Insertion -->
<script language='javascript'>postamble();</script>

It doesn't show up when I'm looking at the code in the programme itself.

Doesn't affect anything it's just that it'd be nice to let people know what software was used to create my website.


Phil Hunter
Wednesday, January 28, 2004

George Illes :re ZA

I believe that you only see that when viewing the source locally. It all depends how you have configured ZA. For example if you do not allow JavaScript then ZA will prevent JS from running on your machine.

ZA only impacts the local machine its running on. It will not impact anything that you've sent out or published with CD.

Although ZA is a great program for the less knowledgeable IMO ZA is not for people who understand how networks interact. You're better off using a HW firewall and a combination of applications that protect your assets. The KEY is not running every tom-dick-harry application you get you hands on and want to try out – the KEY is understanding what a particular application does and how it interacts with the network. ZA is a brute force program that was designed to protect people who perhaps are not inclined to be careful about what they install on their computers. However ZA still needs to be configured to really get the benefits from its capabilities. What most people who use ZA do not know is that ZA is a real resource HOG – meaning that it can really slow down your system. When one switched from ZA to a HW based firewall most people are amazed how dramatically their performance improves. It’s worth while getting educated on the benefits of going the HW route.

David Mozer
Wednesday, January 28, 2004

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