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DHTML problems

I tried to run CityDesk the first time, and I got the
"DHTMLEdit is not registered correctly" error message.

Next I followed the hints offered in the help respectively the knowledge base. My Windows XP has a file dhtmled.ocx as well as triedit.dll, but no file "dtcrt.dll".

I tried to reinstall IE 6.0 SP1, but nothing has changed.

Additionally, I tried to register the files as described in the knowledge base, wondering how this should word. By I am calmed now: it don't work...

Can you give me a hint what to do?!

Kai Jäger
Friday, January 23, 2004

OK, I found out what's wrong. As a result, I suggest a modification of the knowledge base article to this problem:

dtrt.dll may be needed under some circumstances, but not in every case. On my machine, there is no such file but all is fine now.  Before I recognized this I spent hours to find/download/install this file...

Opening the file via the context menu to run regsvr32.exe don't work, at least on my machine.
But opening a command line and entering:
regsvr32.exe  {fielname} works.

Kai Jäger
Friday, January 30, 2004

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