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Incremental directory-based publishing?

Hello all,

Is there a way to make CityDesk only publish the files contained within a folder and its sub-folders?

Even though CityDesk tries to publish only the files that have changed, it seems that since I have lots of folders and  I use several "includes" for separating content from layout and ForEach loops to decide what should be shown, a single site "Publish" operation takes way too long to get done.

Yes, a specific "Publish" operation on an updated file goes quickly. But when I change a "News" article, for example, I want the other "News" articles to be updated because they will contain references to the new article.

In the example above, I would like to publish only the changes in my "News" folder. It takes 8 minutes to do a simple "Publish changed files" operation after I change one "News" article, even though I only have five other "News" articles at the moment. CityDesk seems to be spending time with files in all other folders that have nothing to do with "News".

I just did a test where I did a complete site publish (took 8 minutes) and then immediatly I tried a "Publish changed files" operation even after not changing any files. It took 8 minutes again! If I could at least restrict publishing to only a single folder, it would help. :)

Also, if I could prevent some folders from publishing (my "Includes" folder) it would be even better, as CityDesk insists in spending quite some time in my "Includes" folder even though nothing has changed there and all the files use a special "empty" template that prevents them from being actually saved during the publish operation.


Thompson Marzagao
Wednesday, January 21, 2004

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