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multi-level navigation


I am looking for an example for an multi-level navigation. Anything out there ?

Monday, January 19, 2004

Scince I had to solve this problem too, the best way to do it, was using keywords in a well structured way (read CD help file).

In an 'extra' field the parent page can list one keyword which links to the child pages via 'foreach' and 'keywordcontains'.

Finally, search forum for 'keyword'.

CU, Steffen

Dr. Steffen Steinhäuser
Monday, January 19, 2004

you think its possible to do this with several level directories likes this:

each item should have some text and a menu to the lower folder.

- articles (folder)
-----item1 (to folder1)
-----item2 (to folder 2)
-----item3 (to folder 3)
        item1.1 (to folder1.1)
        item1.2 (to folder 1.2)
        item1.3 (to folder 1.3)

what I am looking for ist a kind of an automtic script that I can use on in the template for all the items. my understand at the moment is that is not possible with the current version of CD in a way to have only 1 template.


Monday, January 19, 2004

Hello Bernd!

To your last comment: this would be a challenge to most of the CD fans to proff it can be done in one template. The usage of keywords is quite powerful, but needs time to be designed.

Since 'foreach' loop can be nested, it might be hard to display sub-sub-folder and its articles in a different way than sub-folder.

Is it really your interest to show the full navigation through all levels? I prefer to display the next level (sub-folder) only.

Remember that in CD 2 subfolder can be included in the 'foreach' statement, too. However, I haven't used in yet and I don't know if it's working together with 'thisFolder'.

CU, Steffen

Dr. Steffen Steinhäuser
Monday, January 19, 2004

Hello Stefen

no I dont want to show the full navigation througp all levels. Is it as you prefer only the next level.

what do you put in you "foreach" to get the links.
I tried it in several way but it don't work.

may be its time to take a lookfor another cms.


Monday, January 19, 2004

Hi Bernd,

I give it a next/last try and illustrate a bit of my navigation ideas:

Starting from the homepage, I listed all pages with keyword (content). They are all in separated folders. Son the next level is shown/available only.

Once you select a (content)-page I additionally list all pages in 'thisfolder ' containing (article). The root folder has no (article).

See example: (keywords are listed in "Neuigkeiten" (What's new!).

As I prefer only to have these two levels running I do not have to spent effort for a next one. However, with another set of keywords and another sub-folder you can easily continue this mechanismn:

+ listing articles with keywords which are in located in a subsfolder
+ selection jumps in this subfolder
+ listing articles with another, different keyword allows further navigation

To have a more flexible way to structure it, you can add the keyword in the .extra1-field of the "guiding" article.

Finally, if this doesn't convince you, you might take look at javascript before changing to another CMS. I don't think that there is anything comparable to CD on the market.

CU, Steffen

Dr. Steffen Steinhäuser
Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Hi, This is an issue that I faced, my solution was to aquire Xtreeme Siteexpert (see

It's an extra step in publishing but offers quite a few clever functions to enhance the overall appearance of the site.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Hello TH, Have you tried the have you tried the SiteXpert search engine generator? I need one of those.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

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