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Wow!  I'm speechless. Good Job FogCreek.

This is just a worthless little post to say "Good Job Fog Creek Software"!

I'm a hardcore web app programmer.  I am setting up my sister's website in exchange for free chiropractic care.  I started the manual way, but I decided to try out CityDesk Starter Edition.  It's amazing what good docs and a refined UI will do for a product.

This is quality software.  Its polished.  Now I'm spoiled.  I wish Quest TOAD, MS Outlook, MS Visual Studio.NET, and half the other commercial software I use were this polished.  I don't think Joel and company have anything to fear from Open Source any time soon with this level of quality.

Using the free edition for now, since it's a tiny site, but I bet I'll be able to convince my sister that the full deal is a worthy business expense.

Richard P
Thursday, January 15, 2004

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