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color selection, but not for font color


I don't really know the correct vocabulary for asking my question, so will you kindly go to and see my home page?  Look at the block on the right which says "I want to start..."  At this time, it is pale green, but I want it to be pale orange.

I tried changing the color code in html (supposedly the orange is "#F6CE92")...but the color doesn't change in normal view and certainly not on my published page.

What to do?  I'm an end user, learning html bits and pieces.


Dianne Wandruff

Dianne Wandruff
Saturday, January 10, 2004

It looks like it is being overridden by the style in the <td> following the <tr> tag where you added the bg color.

Try removing the class attribute in the td tag ("buttons").  If that messes everything up, go the .css file and copy the buttons class and make another section called orangebuttons, change the bg color to the new one and then change the td to have that class.

Or maybe just moving the bgcolor attribute to the td tag would be ok.

Lou Franco
Saturday, January 10, 2004

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