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External Xemacs Template editing doesnt work?

Maybe I'm missing something...

If I choose xemacs to edit a template it creates a TMPxxxxx file in my user's local settings directory and lets me edit that.

After making changes I save it. Re-opening that template in xemacs shows my changes (back to the TMPxxxx file). Opening it in the default editor does not show my changes. Publishing = no changes too.

Nothing tricky in the manual about using external editors that I saw.


Paul Tyma
Monday, January 5, 2004

I think Emacs doesn't overwrite the file when it saves... it writes a new file and then renames it. This might be the problem.

Joel Spolsky
Monday, January 5, 2004

See the Emacs variable `backup-by-copying'.

Edward O'Connor
Thursday, January 8, 2004

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