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International (well, translated) version of CD

I read in the latest news that the German version of CityDesk is to be beta tested within soon. I'm glad that this is happening because i myself could use a Swedish version for some of my customers that aren't that good in English (or German for that matter).

Please give us a tool to help do the translations for you. Several other companies have been able to either release an include file that you can translate (but it needs a more regular release schedule then once per year of CD) or give me a tool that can produce the resource files directly and then switch to them.

I would be more then willing to translate CD and give you the right to the translation since it would open up business opertunities for me (and hopefully You) as well.


Patrik Falk
Saturday, December 27, 2003

Yes, I will do so too. I'm very satisfied with a multi-language-solution, that is offered by the programmers of GetRight. The program remains as it is, the required language can be loaded by the user. Excellent and a good way to make CityDesk more popular for non-english users. 

Saturday, January 3, 2004

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