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Characters not shown in internal editor


after importing our website from local folder, I noticed that several characters were missing. It is a german site and there are a lot of äöü characters (ä ö ü )

If you open the html-file with the internal editor - the character is missing - not converted - even in the html-view it is missing.

If you open it with the external editor - no problem.
If you manually insert the character with the internal editor - no problem.

I saw your kb entry for unicode and understand what I have to to with new files - but this will not help after an import.

Best regards

Michael Mueller
Friday, December 12, 2003

I suspect the problem is that the original encoding was not UTF-8.

If you have some way to convert from the original encoding to UTF-8 before importing to CityDesk, that would solve it.

Another solution would be to cut and paste the text itself from a web browser into CityDesk, and Windows will handle the conversion automatically.

This is something we're working hard on improving!

Joel Spolsky (Fog Creek Software)
Thursday, December 18, 2003

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