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Dev Suggestion: Change speller engine to open one


As a native Pole I cannot use speller built in CityDesk. This is a problem, because all the text I want to have spellchecked I must write in 3rd partyeditor with Polish spellchecker and then copy to CD. Thus I conceived such proposal:

Could CD dev team throw off Wintertree WSpell OCX and use instead ISpell/OpenOffice/MSOffice spelling engine (or port of?) For all these exist many dictionaries, which would please users from all the world.

If any open sourced engine should be used, the spelling engine may be put into separate LGPLed library, which could be widely used -- this would be nice gift for all open minded programmers :-)

Alternatively, someone could devise spell-checking tool based on ISpell or OOffice which shall access all text fields of .cty file and check the spelling... But I would be risky, as the .cty file format is subject to change. Anyway, it is possible -- I even made small research.

Best wishes

Lukasz Pogoda
Saturday, November 29, 2003

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