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revisited: swapping text from word to CD

I know this issue has been discussed before. I would like to address it again, since i regard the seamless integration of text into CD as a high priority feature. Without that,  i will have difficulties convincing others of using CD. I try to get my professor to contribute to a site i currently set up using CD. He is not really internet savvy and is happy if he can stay with word. So i try explain him that using CD is just like word. But unless CD can´t be operated from out of word, or word docs cant be loaded into CD articles, i will propably try in vain to convince him to "switch standards", as he put it.

It is unconvinient for somebody who is used to word to copy/paste  text into note pade and from there into CD, where everyting has to be formatted again. Nobody will do that, beside me, gathering emails from everybody and then inserting myself.

A related problem, is that when in the article interface, i hit return, there is no line break.  Instead there is a new paragraph. The <p> tag is ok since i have style sheets referenced to it. But i would prefer to enter <p> manually.  What speaks against building in two more buttons into the CD article interface: (1) a paragraph button and a (2) line break button.

Instead of (2) make the line break a default.
It would give the user more control and me less need to switch to html view.

What should actually be a convenience feature - the automatic translation into <p> - turns out to be more work, then if there were no such automatism.

But if we take it as given, maybe it is possible to make CD translate one stroke as a line break and two strokes as a paragraph.

It would reduce the time to reformat any text copied over from a different program, since i could arrange the text just like in word.

Yes, i think i could get more people to use CD if such enhancements are on your agenda. Are they?

Saturday, November 15, 2003

Is there some kind of code that i may insert at the top of the article in html view, that would allow for carriage returns (<br>) upon pressing on the return key when in normal view?

Saturday, November 15, 2003

Regarding the issue with paragraphs versus line breaks, I'd like to point out that CityDesk behaves in the same way as Word does. Just press Return and you'll get a new paragraph, press Shift+Return and you will get a line break.

"Unfortunately" though, the default spacing above/below a paragraph in Word i zero (i.e. it looks like you get a line break). In CD you get some space between your paragraphs by default. If you wish to have some other amount of space between your paragraphs in CD, just use a stylesheet as you mention.

Henrik Jernevad
Saturday, November 15, 2003

Shift+Return! that´s great! Good to know that. It will make formatting much easier. But what about those who don´t know about it? I see myself writing a manual on my own. It still appears to me that a Return should handle the linebreak instead of Shift+Return, from the perspective of user expectations..

Saturday, November 15, 2003

What I tried to point out is that the expected result from Return "should" (if one can say so) be new paragraph. That is the case in Word (which I allow myself to say sets the standard). The problem might be that Word creates new paragraphs while it looks like it creates line breaks.

Henrik Jernevad
Sunday, November 16, 2003

I also have a problem where professors use Word for all their syllabi.  A "Paste removing Word round-trip garbage and hard-coded font sizes" feature would be grand.  As it is, I have to Export HTML from Word using their HTML cleanup filter add-on then manually remove all the <span> tags with hard-coded font sizes.

David Burch
Monday, November 17, 2003

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