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Warning at Publish Time

I deleted my main index file and rebuilt it.  Now when I publish, I get the following error for almost every other file in the project:

Warning: broken link "PTMFOG0000000013" in file \index

Can someone tell me how to fix this?


Friday, November 14, 2003

"PTMFOG0000000013" was probably the magic name of the file you deleted. When you recreated you index page, CityDesk assigned a new magic name. So, you've got broken link(s) that point to the file you deleted.

Find all your links to the the file you deleted (which maybe in articles or templates) and re-do the links.

Sometimes it's a little harder. Go the the files (could be templates too) you were warned about, switch to HTML view and search for "PTMFOG0000000013" to find the broken links.

Friday, November 14, 2003

Thank you!  That was it!  The templates were still referencing the old index.htm file.  I copied the magic name for the new one and updated all of my templates.

Saturday, November 15, 2003

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