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I've been trying to copy and paste from City Desk


Thanks for your responses.  Actually, I've been trying to copy and paste from my City Desk Today file into my City Desk Index file.  (This is my daily journal.)  It used to work beautifully, then I downloaded the upgrade...

Today I copy and pasted from HTML view and came upon a further problem:  the paragraphing doesn't show up!

I'm not at all sure how to fix that, but my original problem DOES seem to be fixed if I copy and paste within HTML view.

Will you try to help me again with this second problem of paragraphing?

Thanks.  Dianne Wandruff

Dianne Wandruff
Wednesday, October 22, 2003

If I understand you correctly, you are writing comments every day or so in different articles.  You want the most current comments in the index page so that they will show on the home page.  So you are copying from the journal article to the index file.

An easier way would be to use the CityScript

{$ include "article" $}

in the index file where you want the latest journal entry.  Then, just change the word "article" to the magic name of your latest journal article.  To to that, find the article in the list of all of your folders and articles.  Right click on the article, select "Copy Magic Name".  Then open up your index file, highlight the "article" and paste the magic name in.  Don't forget to keep the quote marks -- you need them.

Joel Goldstick
Wednesday, October 22, 2003

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