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Problem with Index file on Home Page


My webmaster set up my web page for me, and I'm the end user.  Can you help me figure this out?  Since I upgraded to the completed professional version of City Desk, my Index file for the home page has been malfunctioning.

After I copy and paste from my Today file (a daily journal article), into the Index file, the Index file NEVER shows up properly on the home page, even though it seemed to have taken the copy/paste process just fine.  The problem seems to be with the paragraphing.  The index file copies the text down to the first paragraph indentation, then is blank.  In order to get what I want printed onto the home page, I have to eliminate all paragraphing.

I don't know HTML, so I don't know how to fix it.  Please help.

Dianne Wandruff

Dianne Wandruff
Tuesday, October 21, 2003

My web address is .  Please go there and see if you can understand my problem.  Thanks.  Dianne Wandruff

Dianne Wandruff
Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Are you doing a select all before the paste? If not give that a try.

Ron Lane
Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Dianne :re Copy/Paste

I'll make the assumption that you are copying from MS Word and then pasting into the CityDesk Index file you've mentioned.

*IF* you're “appending” to the existing text in that index file then my suggestion is as follows: [1] copy the text in the index file 1st by doing a "ctrl-a" and then a "ctrl-c". [2] in MS Word place your cursor where you believe may be appropriate to have that previously copied text from the index file appear --- before or after --- any text you've added --- then do a "ctrl-v" -- that should paste your copied text from the index file into MS Word. [3] confirm that everything look good as you would expect in the MS Word document that now includes all the stuff you want to have appear in the Index file. If needed make any corrections --- then when you're satisfied do a "ctrl-a" followed by a "ctrl-c"  --- in case you do not know, "ctrl-a" highlights everything in your document and "ctrl-c" copies that which is highlighted while “ctrl-v” pastes that which was previously copied.. [4] Now switch over to the CityDesk Index file [Normal View] and place your cursor anywhere beyond the 1st character. [5] do a "ctrl-a" followed by a "ctrl-v" --- reminder, “ctrl-v” pastes the *last* "ctrl-c" you did in step 4.

*Important*: If my opening assumption is wrong then please disregard my commentary. Also, if my assumption is correct then **prior** to following my recommended steps please make sure that you have a back-up of your MS word editing session.

Also be aware that CityDesk does not always format MS Word pasted text exactly the way it should … consequently do a preview in CityDesk prior to publishing to make sure you’re satisfied. If you’re not satisfied you will need to have more instructions on how to fix.

David Mozer
Tuesday, October 21, 2003

I just looked at your homepage and found an entry for 10/21/2003 at the bottom of the text.  Is that not what you wanted to have?

Joel Goldstick
Tuesday, October 21, 2003


I looked at your site.  There doesn't seem to be anything obviously wrong with it.  Have you fixed the problem already?

Alex Chernavsky
Tuesday, October 21, 2003

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