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Wishes for v3

Suppose a company wants to make a system that can give touristic information on mobile platforms - pda, cell phones, imode etc. Because these platforms have different presentation formats, the system should be able to adapt efficiently to these different formats. Because tourists speak different languages, the touristic information system should also facilitate multilingual editing. And because the necessary knowledge for the touristic information is distributed over various organisations in the cities and regions of the country, there should be a cms that is capable of geographically distributed editing, that is: editors should be able to contribute to the mobile information system from their own location.

It seems I have just described the need for CityDesk! There are however two problems in this scenario. The first is that CityDesk has problems with some firewall configurations. We might be able solve the problems in my own company - up to this moment is not the case - but we certainly will not be able to solve problems in other organisations (think of the reaction of the network managers when we ask them to adapt his firewall configuration to CityDesk). Second: CityDesk lacks efficient management facilities for centralized template management, as far as I can see.

So this is my wish list for CityDesk 3.

1. Extended ftp facilities In CityDesk.

Dreamweaver, Contributor, and tools like Cute FTP en WS FTP all have more elaborate configuration facilities, that work fine in all situations. Maybe CityDesk can make a similar ftp facility?

2. A possibility for centralized template management.

Template development functions are in CityDesk 2 extracted from the end user version of CityDesk. If I understand it correctly, CityDesk files are created by a professional version and can then be used by Contributor. Once an editor has added content via his Contributor, templates must be managed and edited remotely by the pro version, while they remain in the end user version. Would it not be possible to extend the possibilities for editing and adding templates with an option to import or synchronise templates from a website? We then could centrally change or add a template with the pro version, upload it to a website and have a Contributor in an other location download or synchronise the template. As templates live in a database table, this would come down to synchronizing tables between an online and an offline database.

I already find CityDesk a beautiful application and its concept is even more beautiful because of its sophisticated simplicity. And if these two problems are solved, CityDesk would combine the best of two worlds: online and desktop cms.

Ruud van Soest
Saturday, October 18, 2003

Ruud van Soest :re wishes for v3

I certainly like your wish list. It would be nice to be able to configure CD "output" for the various mobile platforms that have access to HTML streams although that in itself would be a daunting task IMO.

The issue you raise regarding updating TEMPLATES under "contributor" version of CD has me intrigued. I can certainly see where templates would need to get changed or updated --- and now I wonder how that can be accomplished remotely outside of having the developer provide a new CityDesk Contributor file and then have all that content transferred over ... unless of course the contributor version has some type of synchronization feature built in enabling all the existing content to be brought in.

David Mozer
Saturday, October 18, 2003

I am not sure, but I thought Microsoft Access has some synchronisation feature build in. And since cty == mdb ... Don't know if the Office server extensions must work on the webserver.

Ruud van Soest
Saturday, October 18, 2003

The idea of some sort of centralized template handling is great. That would allow me to update the templates and ad new features to customers using Citydesk.

I know CD is aiming at the small to midsize business segment and since this segment usually doesn't have IT knowledge in the house this woul be a very valuable feature.

Perhaps an easy solution where a new template would be put in a directory at the server with a password and when the client  publishes the next time they would get the question wether to "install" the new template and be asked for an installation password.  That way you would get some extra security so that an update isn't installed if the user isn't aware of  the update.

Patrik Falk
Sunday, October 19, 2003

I like the idea, because you can provide Contributers Editions to people with less computer knowlegde but with a lot of knowledge about content. But if they are on remote locatations it is nearly impossible to  perform simnple adminitration tasks.

One example:

I make a citydesk template / site for an association, using the professional edition. I put the .cty file and a contributer edition an a cdrom and send it by mail to person B. B installs CD end is happy. Now my ISP changes something in the setup, or I need to do a password change.  How do I get the new  password in the cd-file?  On a dial up connection the file is to big to send by mail, and person B soes not know how to put the file on a CD (he/she has no burner).

I hope the next  version can address this. Importing new yemplates or locatios (perhaps in a special format) could be a solution.

Menno Tillema
Saturday, October 25, 2003

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