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Really strange problem with filed date

It's my day for strange stuff:

I use this script to generate the date of the latest article:
{$foreach 1x in (all) Sortdescendby .fileddate $}{$ setDateTimeFormat "English" "dd MMMM yyyy" "hh:mm" $}<em><font size="1">{$x.fileddate $}</font></em>{$next$}</font></p>

I surfed the page and found this:
08 October 200308 October 200308 October 200308 October 2003

The date appeared 4 times. I have so many articles, I don't know which one generates that date.

Then I changed the fileddate in one article to October 10 and the script worked correctly. I presume the fileddate in my October 8 article is totally hosed somehow.

Friday, October 17, 2003

Do you actually have a space between the 1 and the x in the forEach statement?

Joel Spolsky
Saturday, October 18, 2003

When I looked at it the first time upon seeing the problem there was a space (1 x). I removed the the space (1x) and still got multiple dates. I previewed over and over again because I just couldn't believe it.

Then I changed the fileddate and it was just fine again. I haven't changed anything on the page that displays the date in months. The space had been there for a long time. I publish new articles to the site several times a week. I've never seen that problem before.

Saturday, October 18, 2003

tk :re strange stuff

I have experienced a number of strange stuff while working within CD. "Sometimes" I can reproduce some of that stuff but not persistently. For example; in HTML view, while editing a line containing something like
<p class="strange" <a href="whatever etc."<This Link</a></p> and whishing to change that line to:
<p class="strange" <a href="whatever etc." target="_blank">This Link</a></p>

I would place my cursor just after the ." and hit the space bar to insert a "space" so that I could enter target="_blank" CD “sometimes” would crash “or on rare occasions” provide me with an incident report dialogue box “as soon” as I inserted the “space”. To avoid this from happening “when it does happen” I start CD again but this time I simple go to notepad and copy the line “ targer=”_blank” and after placing my cursor in the appropriate position paste that line in --- under those circumstances CD dose not crash. One more note of interest: When this crashing or shutdown does occur under the circumstances described above each time I start CD again “if” I attempt to insert a space with the space bar CD shuts down unceremoniously. The only way I can prevent this from this taking place outside of the “copy and paste method” described above is to reboot my computer.

In some editing sessions in HTML view just inserting s space with the space bar causes CD to shutdown or disappear. BTW this does happen more frequently under situations where I have 2 CityDesk files [or sessions] open.

Yes, strange stuff 4sure :-)

David Mozer
Saturday, October 18, 2003

This particular site: is huge and is the very first site I created beginning with the very first CityDesk beta. I figure it's got some messy build-up somewhere in the data base. Generally, it just works perfectly.

Saturday, October 18, 2003

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