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Suggestion for next version of CD

Here's the scoop. I cut an article from one folder, and pasted it into another. Unfortunately, this article also had others that linked to it. And the cut and paste operation broke the links that existed, since the article had a different magic name after this operation.

I only used cut and paste because I have a large number of articles in some of my folders. So drag and drop is not a viable option for me.

Either there needs to be move/copy entries on the context menu, or the magic name needs to be preserved through the cut and paste operation.


Robert Pawlak ( )
Thursday, October 9, 2003

Good point.  I've run across the same issue.

Friday, October 10, 2003

The software would need to recognize the difference between Cut/Paste (keeping the same name) and Copy/Paste (changing the name).  Not sure how difficult that would be as often the O/S handles this type of stuff.  It may be necessary for separate move and copy commands.


Jeff Kolker
Friday, October 10, 2003

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