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User Interface Hall of Shame

Does anyone know where the UI hall of shame went? I just checked and the related links on google and all I got were 404's :-(

James Wann
Thursday, December 05, 2002

Funny, same here. It was up 2 weeks ago.

Could be a temporary server problem. I wouldn't worry for a couple of days.

Tim Sullivan
Thursday, December 05, 2002

It's been so long since it was updated; I'd love to see that helm taken up again -- that was one of my favorite sites. Interfaces sure haven't gotten better, either, in the couple years since the site was updated.

Troy King
Thursday, December 05, 2002

There's always the wayback machine -- .

Thursday, December 05, 2002

Perhaps it hasn't been updated because there are no more UI's that qualify . . .

Hey, it COULD happen ! :)

Rob Leighton
Friday, December 06, 2002

Could it?

Sam Gray
Friday, December 06, 2002

> ""

Oh my... I went to that link and now I'm blind. Anyone know how to clean this blood off my keyboard?

Friday, December 06, 2002

Gee, I just learned that the hall of shame site is also down. I thought it might be my end, ..but this thread clearly shows that it is down, or gone.

Perhaps another dot gone?

Anyway, I was not aware

That is a incredible site. After learning about that site, when using google and coming across broken links, the above archive often lets you get the page that is no longer available. For weekly magazine and stuff google often gets hits, but articles from 2 years back are not available. On I was able to get server articles I had been looking for.

Great idea. In addition, most of the hall of shame can be found at the archive, but it is strange that the site is gone. I wonder if the owners realize how popular the site was/is.

Gee, should I grab a copy of hall of shame from before they go away?

I had often used links to some specific example from that site in email and newsgroup postings. Perhaps someone should contact them, and offer to host that info.

However, there is, and I guess that is what it is for....

Albert D. Kallal
Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Albert D. Kallal
Saturday, December 07, 2002

To find out more about , you can read this interview with Brewster Kahle, the guy to created the archive:

J. D. Trollinger
Sunday, December 08, 2002

As of today (Dec09), appears to be back up.

Content-wise, nothing seems to have been added since mid-2000.  (Is this correct?)

Paul Brinkley
Monday, December 09, 2002

It's now at

Friday, August 22, 2003

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