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I like to think I'm a fair representation of the target user, which means I read enough instructions to get started, then go till I stop.  The first stop is when I created a new site, opened the index.html and promptly overwrote SiteName with a nice friendly name, which naturally generated
Script Error: illegal token or identifier "Check" in \index.html

"Check" being the name I inserted.  The error was obvious, since I had only made the one change. Fortunately I have two instances of the app, so I can easily change it back to the default, but on first glance my "Oops" was quickly followed by "Now what did that used to be?"

Doyle Seppala
Thursday, November 15, 2001

Agreed. The first time I ran the app, the first thing I saw is a page with variables and a for loop! A product that's aimed at non-programmers shouldn't dump the user into a screen like that the first time they use the app.

Roman Zabicki
Saturday, November 17, 2001

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