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Suggestions by "ben"...

Good Stuff Guys, v4 is missing some bugs...

I'm seeing some inconsistencies, and maybe it's just in my mind:

1. It seems strange that articles can have any name, but folders have limitations on the naming convention. Do things break if we allow the user to use names that work for him. Instead of 'Marketing Articles by June Smith', I end up with 'marketingArticlesByJuneSmith'. It works, but it's not real pretty.

2. When we do a preview and we click the 'Preview with Browser' button, can we have that window snap shut. I tend to do fast updates and end up playing a game of window hunting.

3. In articles, we have a Save and Close button, but not a Save and Close menu item in File.

4. Not sure if you guys have a polish phase to go through, but the text boxes in Properties of Articles don't "look" standard. God I hate the Times font.

5. The Extras tab is just bad, plain bad UI design. (Hack, hack.) It's confusing initially and just doesn't make logical sense once you've got your bearings. I'm constrained into an illogical format. (Can move any sliders.) I don't have an option of font. (Did I mention I hate Times?). At some point, I saw something about weblogging in Extra 1. Egads. What happens when you add additional fields in time? I think a sub-tab bar might alleviate some of this design format "problem". (Authors probably aren't going to change much -- why make the user keep typing this in?)

6. [[ notation ]] still isn't working. (Unless I'm doing it wrong.)

7. Again, I like updating along and I'm window fishing because CityDesk is opening new browsers each time. Can we constrain it to using the same browser window it opens each time?

8. Is it inconsistant to have a main template 'index.html' inside the main window (potentially accessible by non-designers) but hide the other HTML templates in a sub-menu. It would be nice if it were on the tree.

Rock on guys, you're doing a great job -- people are going to love this thing!

Ben Prater
Tuesday, November 13, 2001

Yeah I agree with pt #1. It took me a bit to realize the difference between articles that can have spaces in their name and html pages that can't.

Sylvain Marcotte
Thursday, November 15, 2001

The reason for the inconsistency in spaces is that files and folders are actually created on the web server as-is, so they have to have their names constrained to what the web server can accept. But articles are renamed "fogxxx.html", so they don't.

Joel Spolsky
Thursday, November 15, 2001


We might be too late in the game to make changes, but from my perspective, I don't care what you call my folders either. It isn't even clear to me why the folder methodology is necessary beyond organization INSIDE CITYDESK.

On the server -- I don't care -- as long as you limit yourself to the directory I ask you to. Create all the subfolders you want and name them what you wish.

Again, it may be too late to make a change like that -- but it does seem inconsistent and kind of 'hacky'.


Ben Prater
Thursday, November 15, 2001

Maybe spaces in folder names could be allowed, and then when the site is published they just convert to underscores?

Darren Collins
Friday, November 16, 2001

We'll consider that for the next version. It's not just spaces, also non-ASCII characters like accented characters are a problem for URLs.

Joel Spolsky
Friday, November 16, 2001

Then when users type in illegal/special characters like *&^%$#@!~, the CD will not allow users to name folders with them just like Windows Explorer.

Satoko Mellinger
Sunday, November 18, 2001

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