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One of the first things I do with any product like this is see how much better it will do than the products I'm currently using.  To do that, the first thing I do is take one of the existing sites I maintain, and try to 'move' it into the new tool.  I don't know if this behavior will fit the majority of the users, but personally, I would love to see a use case that describes the possible methods of 'moving' an existing site into CD.

For example I'm going to be taking a site I maintain using Radio Userland's static site tool and MyUserland and 'moving' it into CD.  I expect that I will be moving my #template from Radio into CD and then the content for each of my pages.  And viola! I will have my site in CD :)

Then again, I may try using the import method to import all the pages into CD along with the images and then 'converting' the individual pages into CD items, and creating templates using the 'stuff' from the pages I imported.


Rod Kratochwill
Tuesday, October 16, 2001

If you have a lot of pictures, the "Import Web Page" is nice because it will get all the pictures and adjust the URLs to point inside of CityDesk.

One limitation of "Import Web Page" is that it always creates an HTML file -- not an article or a template. Of course you can trivially cut and paste the contents into an article or template.

For importing Manila sites, I suggest Import Web Page on the home page, then Import Web Page on one of the stories (if you have a lot of stories) and copy the result into a template.

Gut the home page to remove the content itself, replacing it with a loop like like:

{$foreach x in folder("homePageItems") sortDescendBy .fileddate $}

Joel Spolsky
Tuesday, October 16, 2001

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