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How to paste a spreadsheet?

This isn't specifically about CityDesk but it would make life with CityDesk more fun for me.

Does anyone know how to copy from Excel and leave all of  the Microsoft formatting behind when I paste.

I'd just like the paste the <table>'s, <TR>'s, <TD>'s, and the text and leave out the "class=xl53 style='height:14.25pt;border-top:none' " and similar stuff.

Any hope?

Friday, February 15, 2002

My way of formatting tables is to pull them through dreamweaver. In Excel I do a "save as" and choose CSV (Comma Seperated Value) as the format. Dreamweaver can read this via the Insert / Import Tabular Data command. Then I can format it however I want using Commands / Format Table.

Then I can copy/paste into CityDesk.

Sometimes Excel exports extra rows and columns, really mucking up Dreamweaver, even it's ability to delete columns disappears if some rows are 5 columns long and other ones are 6. In order to remedy this, I run each CSV through CSVdb, a small freeware program designed to manitain CSV files. It's interface is a little clumsy compared to other more slick programs, but it does a very good job of cleaning up CSV files.

As an alternative, I wonder if running it through Tidy would clear out this Microsoft Gunk. Anyone not familiar with Tidy should be, especially if you're interested in generating compliant code.

Mark W
Tuesday, February 19, 2002

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