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Feature Request: Table View

One of my co-workers manages a site that has a lot of project reporting. A lot of this is fields like "project name" "project manager" "status" etc.

We were comparing in our heads the pros and cons of the current editing environment (Oracle) and CityDesk. A lot of these get updated every month, and opening each file (row) one at a time and saving it would be tedious in CityDesk. The table view in Oracle is ideal for this.

I know CD wasn't designed to work this way, but... A table view of certain fields in, say, in a folder as a table, would be great. Especially with the the ability to create your own fields now, this would really enhance the functionaly of CD. I'm not sure how niche a market this is, but... It would be helpful to us. I would consider this a low priority request (I.e. I'd rather have better document handling & link UI per my earlier request than this).

Mark W
Saturday, February 09, 2002

As a short term solution to your problem.

The CityDesk .CTY file is just a renamed MS Access database .MDB file.

What this means is you can access the "raw" CityDesk information in MS Access. For what you are describing a quick build of a form in access may allow the table view you desire.

Although not a nice as an integrated feature of CityDesk, it may prove usefull if you have a lot of updating to do.

Anthony Richardson
Saturday, February 09, 2002

Interesting, I'll look into it.

Mark W
Saturday, February 09, 2002

I just downloaded an excellent program called Powermarks - it's a bookmark manager that, rather than categorizing your bookmarks lets you search for them. You begin typing and it automatically filters your bookmarks based on what you start typing. As I type "CityDesk" I start seeing all bookmarks with C, all bookmarks with Ci, etc. until I see the few with CityDesk in the title, or in the keywords section I defined.

One good feature is that you can multi-select (using shift) items and add keywords to all of them at once.

This model is a good alternate to the table view I mentioned. Multi-selecting them and on right click getting "Set all Author to" "Add Keywords" etc. would work just as well.

Add Keywords could be a *real* lifesaver if we ever add new faces to our website. For example, I'm creating our Intranet with different views for different job functions. If I could add keywords to several files at once, I could nearly instantly create a new view. The alternative of going into every file is somewhat stomach churning.

Mark W
Sunday, February 10, 2002

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