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Feature Request: Document Replace & Better Link UI

Our site is pretty document intensive, and a lot of documents are simply replaced. From what I know, CityDesk creates a link to that item in the DB that isn't related to it's location in the filetree.

If I brought another file in with the same name it creates filename_2.doc. Deleting filename.doc and bringing a different filename.doc "breaks" the link.

Since a lot of our business is replacing documents, this is a few more steps than we'd like. OKAY, CityDesk does a great job of warning you when a link is broken, but a simple "replace this document" keeping the same Magic Name would be swell.

(I know this is nit picky)

Also, the Link interface is a little clumsy - a lot of clicking (I'm porting a site into CD right now that's pretty document intensive so I'm noticing how many clicks this takes) having a link section of the toolbar would be great - the pulldown, the http:// and the "link back to this document" could be right there so you can just highlight text and with one click or so insert the link.

Mark W
Wednesday, January 30, 2002

I agree this should be fixed. In the meantime, don't use "magic name" URLs... instead, use URLs which reference the target filename. There won't be anything to fix up that way.

Brad Wilson
Thursday, January 31, 2002

Hmm. That makes sense. If we use the same filename every time we won't have to change the link. Of course, then CityDesk also won't tell me if I'm publishing a site with lots of broken links either, because it won't be able to distinguish those from external links.

Mark W
Friday, February 01, 2002

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