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What are the deviations from the Windows Interface

I just read the review of citydesk on software market solution and saw that comment.  Where does citydesk deviate from the path?

My only real criticism of the interface is the slight inconsistencies which presumably cropped up because nobody noticed them rather than actual design flaws.  The variables dialog is missing an accellerator for the edit button was my main bug bear.  It also strikes me as odd that variables can be pretty big and multi-lined, but the interface doesn't suggest this or allow easy manipulation if you do it.  I did only use these big variables initially as I learned to use the tool better, but I would think that might be improved.  All in all though, those are tiny problems, nothing that's gonna stop anyone using the program.

My biggest complaint is the way in which you cannot view html with the teaser and assorted fields.  You can post in html formatted text, so for example pasting in part of the article complete with formatting, but then you cannot change it.  I have on occasion grabbed too much and edded up with some html artefact that I didn't want included in the teaser.  It can become problematic if for example it's a font tag at the start of the teaser.  The  solution seems to be to hit ctrl-a and then delete. 

Okay, that's not my biggest, but I see you've had plenty of 'feedback' about naming the files so that you can do stuff like making the index an article.

Colin Newell
Saturday, January 12, 2002

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