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Dear all,

I really do like Citydesk it is truly fantastic. At my work I am evaluating the starter version for some kind of knowledgebase.  For several categories I present the latest 7 articles and 1 link for all articles sorted on date. It is working and updating is really fast and easy which makes updating a pleasure.

It would be perfect when there would be a possibility to search all articles (or alll articles in a folder by means of the loop technology) on keywords or mayby the content of the article. For now it is working but when the number of articles is much larger it may be difficult to find certain articles. A searchfunction would be very nice.

What are the opnions on this and is it mayby on option for the 2.0 or an intermediate version.

Jeroen Roeterd
The Netherlands

Jeroen Roeterd
Wednesday, January 09, 2002

You might consider adding a free search from,, or others.  It works great.

You can do it right now in about 5 minutes:  You sign up and enter your URL.  They will provide a few lines of search form HTML to copy into your site.  Atomz will re-index the site once a week and you can re-index any time you want by logging in.

I put the search form into a variable so I could put the search anywhere and everywhere I wanted and I can change my mind without any pain.

There is an atomz search in the header of this page:

Terry Kearns
Wednesday, January 09, 2002

I just checked and I believe that you will find what you are looking for if you choose "Edit->Search".  This window will let you search for all articles that contain the words you are looking for (it searches the keyword field and the body).

Michael H. Pryor
Wednesday, January 09, 2002

Given that CityDesk is a client-side solution, it's difficult to see how it could implement any server-side functionality at all, such as access-time searching. (It has composition-time searching, of course, but that's useless for your readers.)

But if you have the ability to control your own Linux server, I've found that this works extremely well:

It's also free, which is nice. I have it index my site once a day, and the search process is very fast. (Those suggestions for Google and suchlike are also good, but I prefer self-contained solutions.)

Steven C. Den Beste
Wednesday, January 09, 2002

This is a pie in the sky idea, buy could you spit out the keywords & urls into an array and create a javascript based keyword search?

Mark W
Wednesday, January 30, 2002

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