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Extra stuff at the end (DHTML bug?)

I remember reading this on the discussion forum, but the topic has since scrolled away.

I am pretty regularly having the problem where extra HTML code is appearing at the end of my file. If I Save&Close, then reopen, I can see the extra text. Sometimes it's simply an extra ">"; othertimes it will be several lines of text.

I can't recall what was discussed earlier: is this in the class of DHTML bugs that we have to live with or is there a workaround?

(I'm running Win98SE if that has a bearing.)

Brian Cantoni
Tuesday, January 08, 2002

This might be the topic:

Tuesday, January 08, 2002

We're aware of this and hope we have a fix for the upcoming service pack.

It should be pretty rare and only happen in HTML files (not articles). You have to exit and restart CityDesk, then reedit the article, to get rid of the extra gunk.

Joel Spolsky
Tuesday, January 08, 2002

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