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Does CityDesk have a direct competitor?

Just curious: who do you (Joel ... or FogCreek) view as the biggest competitor to CityDesk?

Do you feel that CityDesk has initiated a new product category?

Alan Armstrong
ProductMuse -

Alan Armstrong
Thursday, December 27, 2001

There are a lot of products which do some of the things that CityDesk does.  Mostly they are products with price tags in the $100,000 like InterWoven, Vignette, etc, which require a team of programmers and months of work to get started.

The reason we wrote CityDesk was because we saw a clear opportunity for "Content Management for Regular People."

There's some discussion of this here:

Joel Spolsky
Friday, December 28, 2001

But that's sort of assuming people will use it only in the target market - content publishing systems. I'm weird, but I think this product has just as much (or more) promise as a semi-conventional, easy-to-use editor.

In that arena I think the only things that I saw that came close were Claris HomePage on the low end, and Fusion on the high end. Fusion is very cool and is conceptually excellent, but it also generates brain-dead HTML and the templates system is too difficult to easily modify to fix it. DreamWeaver and GoLive are in there too, but I find in general that aren't terribly WYSIWYG while editing, neither really has a good template system, and they not powerful enough for site management.

For me the two "gimmes" of CD are the templates, and related to that, the scripting. None of the systems above make these _really_ easy.

And that's about it. Everyone else just punts on the editing and provides you with nothing more than a glorified text editor with some syntax coloring. I've been waiting for a small WYSIWYG HTML editor for years, and now I have it. As soon as we can hard-wire the names of the resulting HTML files, I'm cutting over all of my sites.

Maury Markowitz
Saturday, December 29, 2001

I really haven't played with either to make a fair comparison but It seems that perhaps CuteSiteBuilder formerly trellix is the closet I've seen. I think Dan Bricklin's page uses it. is another example
I'm playing with them both.  I really like Joel's article approach but at least the first go around is lacking a couple of things.  It has the potential to create the killer blog type site, but more flexible.  I'm concerned about the page limits however.

Norman Jenson
Thursday, January 10, 2002

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